Founded in 2006, DeMaris Entertainment is your resident expert for Austin Music and Events. 


A note from owner, Brandon DEMaris...

I believe success is the pursuit of passion. To that end, event production is an outgrowth of my love of music and entertaining. One of the keys to our success as a company is we focus on the experience of your guests, anticipating their needs and finding ways to make the event meaningful and memorable.

Our mission is to produce first-class corporate, private and charitable events featuring live music as entertainment. By bridging Austin’s Music and Events industries together we play a key role in helping musicians earn a living, while remaining focused on delivering a stellar event experience for our clients and their guests.

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More background...

While my professional career began in Austin as an Band Manager/ Booking Agent, one could argue that it truly began at a very early age as a musician... a drummer to be specific. I followed that muse up and through college before giving any consideration as to how one might earn a sustainable living in the music business. 

After graduating from Berklee College of Music in 2004, not only did I encounter the financial reality-check of being a professional musician but further, the Recording Industry was in the midst of an economic collapse.  Austin, widely known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” represented a place of solace within the music industry as it was burgeoning with opportunity for live concerts and events.

In the past decade, I have seen Austin nearly double in size by population. As a city, we are now home to Formula One, The X Games, UtopiaFest, Fun Fun Fun Fest, not to mention the long-standing South by Southwest Festivals, ACL Fest and over 250 Live Music Venues. Sadly, with all this growth has come an sizable cost of living increase, making it even more difficult for musicians to earn a sustainable living by performing their trade. You can help by hiring live music for your next event, or simply by going out and catching a local show.  By all means, hit us up for some good ideas!

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