Black Fret and The Black Ball Gala

Black Fret is revolutionizing the music industry. The Member-based charity is centered around the principle that "local music, like the symphony and the opera, is worthy of community's support." In two short years, the organization has dolled out over $280,000 in grant funds to some of Austin's most promising emerging artists.  

Black Fret Founders Colin Kendrick & Matt Ott

Black Fret Founders Colin Kendrick & Matt Ott

I am proud to say I was there at the beginning when we were hired to manage Black Fret's Inaugural Launch Party. At the time, Black Fret had signed up their first 100 Members, which funded the first year of operations and a $100k grant fund. Since the Members nominate their favorite local artists, our job was to produce intimate & unique private events for each of the 20 Nominees to showcase their talents. We have photos from a number of these events posted in our Portfolio.

The Black Ball Gala is the culminating year-end event whereby Black Fret awards their grants interspersed with performances from the current year nominees in an Awards Show format.  The evening begins with a Red Carpet Entrance, allowing the Media to capture the Nominees in their best light.  Below are photos from the 2015 Black Ball Gala on Dec 4th at the Paramount Theatre.

Over the course of a 4-hour program, we hosted 15 stellar performances concluding with a special guest appearance from the 73-year old living legend, Ms. Margaret Wright.  Though I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite, one undeniable highlight of the evening was a Joe Cocker-esque rendition of "With a Little Help From My Friends" led by Nakia and backed by a choir of Black Fret Nominees.  Although you had to be there to get the full effect, this video does it some level of justice.

At the close of year two, Black Fret has grown to include over 250 Members. One can only hope that the organization will continue to evolve and develop, furthering their mission to support local music via patronage and community support.  Please enjoy the performance photos from the Black Ball Gala and contact us if you are interested in attending a Black Fret event.