Artist Spotlight: Ray Prim

If you haven’t yet heard Ray Prim, it’s long past time. He’s an exceptional vocalist and songwriter and we’re proud to be producing his album release concert on Friday, Sept. 15th at The North Door here in Austin.

“I don't really have a traditional long bio. I've never been a fan of them,” says Ray. “Here's what I have in that department”:

Imagine Ben Harper and Ray Lamontagne heading over to Abbey Road in a Cadillac convertible to pick up John Lennon and Paul McCartney so they can catch the tail end of the Reverend Al Green's sermon....Ray Prim is a Singer-Soulwriter based in Austin, Texas. Mr. Prim is also a 2016 Black Fret grant recipient. His music takes you back to the days when songs were inspiring, meaningful, and thought-provoking. His tunes are melody-based short stories that anyone can relate to and identify with. It only takes one of his many songs to be instantly hooked. Five words sums it up: Ear Candy for the Soul.

We caught up with Ray last week (he’s sitting still for once and going stir-crazy after recent shoulder surgery) and got his insights on a few key topics:

Q: Suppose someone is hearing about you for the first time. What's the first thing you'd want them to know or notice about you?

A: If you come in with an open mind, you'll leave with a full heart.


Q: There are a bazillion musicians and bands in the world. What's different about you and your band?

A: We are not reinventing the wheel. We're just making it roll with a little soul.


Q: You're based here in Austin, Texas. What are your favorite and least favorite things about life and work in the Live Music Capital of the World?

A: Favorite thing is the diversity in music. Least favorite is low number of actual listening rooms here.


Q: Last year, you received a grant from Black Fret, Austin's music patronage nonprofit. How did that grant play into the making of this album?

A: That grant provided ALL the funding for making the album and also contributed to getting us a publicist. Wouldn't be an album without Black Fret’s involvement.


[Psst … here’s a private link to a track from the album. Dig that strings intro before they bring the funk!]


Q: What are you most excited about for the future?

A: Depends on how far I'm looking. Right now I'm excited about being able to play guitar again and releasing this album into the world. We are real proud of it and hope the public feels as strong about it as we do. You just never know. Fingers crossed.


Ray Prim’s album release concert is set for Friday, September. 15th at The North Door, with fellow Black Fret grant recipient Suzanna Choffel opening the show. VIP tickets sold out in 48 hours. Advance pre-sale tickets which include an autographed copy of the album are still available, and we recommend you grab ‘em now: Ray Prim CD Release with Special Guest Suzanna Choffel